They were a very old couple walking in the afternoon sun. I imagined, they have been married for more years than I have walked this earth, a couple that I imagine has achieved unity, a couple who completely know each other. A couple walking arm in arm supporting each other.


Bell & Howell Dial 35

Awhile ago I bought a Bell & Howell Dial 35 - a half frame format camera and haven’t been using it until very recently. I loaded the camera with a few black and white rolls of Tri-X 400 and sent the rolls off for processing to AG Photographic.

Here’s the result - best of all, the images are not sharp!

Leeds Pride

A selection of pictures from Leeds Pride Party this weekend.

#Keepsakes at the South Bank Centre

I enjoyed my visit to the Keepsakes exhibition at the Southbank Centre today, which is a part of the Adopting Britain exhibition held by the Migration Museum Project UK – a very timely subject which contributes to anyone’s knowledge of migration in the UK.

I enjoyed the exhibition content, especially the selection from 100 images of migration project.

I think there should be more exhibitions like this, which are both educational and positively engaging.