The Carnival of Venice

Visiting Venice for the Carnival is something I have wanted to do since I first saw the images in Ralph Nykvist and Anders Petersens’s book Karnevalen i Venedig, published by Kalejdoskop Förlag & ETC in 1991. The images were mysterious, a little frightening and intriguing. I immediately felt, this is a place I had to visit and experience – roughly 20 years later I arrived in Venice, eager to experience the event in one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world.

Once I arrived, I realised that the memories I had from Nykvist’s and Petersen’s book, were so different to the reality which was just in front of me. At the best of times the city was overflowing with tourists, and lots of them! And no to mention the hordes of photographers pushing to take the exact same picture you had in mind.


Was it worth going? I roamed the streets from dawn till dusk with my camera and observing life as I had never seen before and enjoying the atmosphere and spirit of the masks, costumes and their own mysterious pasts.

You can see a selection of my images below and here


The Pulter Project: Poet in the Making

Proud to have contributed to this project. “The Pulter Project: Poet in the Making”

“When you read a poem from the past,” says Wendy Wall, cofounder of The Pulter Project, “you're not directly engaging with it. Someone has already taken the material, edited it, put punctuation in, notes, and they helped you read it. And when they do that, they shape your reading in ways that you're not usually aware of.” In this video, Wall and fellow cofounder, Leah Knight, in collaboration with scholars from across the Anglophone world, as well as the development team at Northwestern University’s Media and Design Studio, discuss the evolution of The Pulter Project, from original inspiration to this fully-featured digital edition: - Produced by the Media and Design Studio at Northwestern University. Footage of Brotherton Library at Leeds University courtesy of Ken Kajoranta, Xiaoping Lu, Sam Higgs, Jodie Double, and David Burns. Original Music Composed and Performed by Stephen Katz. Special thanks to Faith Irvine, Leah Knight, and Wendy Wall.


They were a very old couple walking in the afternoon sun. I imagined, they have been married for more years than I have walked this earth, a couple that I imagine has achieved unity, a couple who completely know each other. A couple walking arm in arm supporting each other.


Bell & Howell Dial 35

Awhile ago I bought a Bell & Howell Dial 35 - a half frame format camera and haven’t been using it until very recently. I loaded the camera with a few black and white rolls of Tri-X 400 and sent the rolls off for processing to AG Photographic.

Here’s the result - best of all, the images are not sharp!

Leeds Pride

A selection of pictures from Leeds Pride Party this weekend.