Northwestern University’s Media and Design Studio

The Pulter Project: Poet in the Making

Proud to have contributed to this project. “The Pulter Project: Poet in the Making”

“When you read a poem from the past,” says Wendy Wall, cofounder of The Pulter Project, “you're not directly engaging with it. Someone has already taken the material, edited it, put punctuation in, notes, and they helped you read it. And when they do that, they shape your reading in ways that you're not usually aware of.” In this video, Wall and fellow cofounder, Leah Knight, in collaboration with scholars from across the Anglophone world, as well as the development team at Northwestern University’s Media and Design Studio, discuss the evolution of The Pulter Project, from original inspiration to this fully-featured digital edition: - Produced by the Media and Design Studio at Northwestern University. Footage of Brotherton Library at Leeds University courtesy of Ken Kajoranta, Xiaoping Lu, Sam Higgs, Jodie Double, and David Burns. Original Music Composed and Performed by Stephen Katz. Special thanks to Faith Irvine, Leah Knight, and Wendy Wall.